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When selecting siding, it's much more than just choosing a colour. It's important to be aware of each brand's profile and finish, too. Our profiles range from popular Cove and Clapboard to Vertical Board & Batten all available in quality finishes like light roughsawn, soft-brushed and driftwood

The first step, though, is picking the right material:

Vinyl siding, the popular choice among today's consumers, requires little maintenance. Just an occasional rinse with the garden hose will remove most airborne dust and dirt.

An ideal material for all climates, aluminum siding products are strong, lightweight and malleable for fancier trims and creative designs.

Our steel siding products, similar to a coat of armor, shield homes from nature's most destructive elements like hail and extreme temperatures.

Whatever material you select, you can be assured that it's a superior product backed by proven warranties and complemented with coordinating soffit, fascia and rainware.

Aluminum\Vinyl Siding

Whether you're looking for a new exterior for a large or small home, classic or contemporary, nothing beats the solid look of aluminum siding or Vinyl siding. Available in a full collection of traditional profiles and colours, our aluminum\Vinyl siding delivers reliable protection against the coldest winters and hottest summers. Its crisp, clean lines accentuate the home's design features and convey a freshly painted look year-round.

  • Smooth and woodgrain finishes*
  • Nominal thickness: 0.40" to 0.53"
  • Available in any colour
  • Colour matching
Cove Double4
Profile: Cove
Exposure: Double 4"
Butt Edge: 1/2"
Verticle V
Profile: Vertical "V"
Exposure: 8"
Profile: Clapboard
Exposure: Double 4"
Butt Edge: 1/2"
Profile: Vertical Board & Batten
Exposure: 8"
Profile: Clapboard
Exposure: 8"
Butt Edge: 1/2"



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